Career opportunities

A great living, a great life.

Through three decades of experience, we have developed a marketing system for a great line of products that enables our insurance sales professionals to make the most of their potential. You will receive top notch leadership support, first rate training and exceptional technological and field support as part of a dynamic organization of high achievers who are as passionate about your success as they are their own. With the positive energy, camaraderie and personal interest of others on your team, you’ll find PMA USA a great way to earn a great living.

At PMA USA, you can do good, do well, have fun—do good for your customers and your family, do well professionally and financially, and have fun while enjoying the journey.


If you have a strong desire for financial independence, a willingness to learn, an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to hard work, PMA USA will provide everything else you’ll need to welcome each sales call with competence and confidence.

With PMA USA, you’ll receive:

  • Proven training to start you off right and guide you in all phases of your professional career with us, including PMAU Online to help you quickly learn about the products we offer.
  • DVD demonstrations and sales approach “playbooks” to help you hone your sales and presentation skills.
  • Personal support, guidance and coaching from your manager and from PMA USA’s national training team.
  • Ongoing product and sales training from field sales leadership experts.
  • Additional training to help you move into a management role should you want to build your own business.

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, PMA USA gives you the chance to build your own business on the solid foundation we’ve created. Our leaders all began as agents, so they understand the business—and the challenges agents face.

You will receive:

  • Assistance with obtaining your insurance license and appointment.
  • First-class sales materials.
  • and other communications and tools just for agents.
  • Social media support and guidance.
  • Home office support for marketing, sales, training, customer service and administration.
  • A place to start, with a national customer, group and referral network.

We celebrate success. It’s part of our high-energy culture. PMA USA’s rewards can begin immediately—and last a lifetime. With your hard work, you can earn:

  • Commission on each new sale.
  • Renewal commission (on most products) in each subsequent year that the customer continues to own the product purchased from you.
  • Awards exclusively for new agents and top producers, as well as monthly and quarterly sales achievement awards.
  • National recognition and field bonuses.
  • Attendance at Sales Celebration events.

Your horizons for growth are virtually unlimited. “Attitude determines altitude” is a belief we all share at PMA USA. We’ve got a plan and the people to help you go as far as you want to go.

At PMA USA, there are no ceilings on your earning potential or your career opportunities. Successful agents and leaders grow progressively within the Field Sales leadership team. As you earn additional responsibilities for team building, recruitment, training and team sales, you’ll get the rewarding feeling that comes from helping others succeed in their own careers, AND you’ll share in the financial success generated by your team.