Career opportunities


At PMA USA, we are dedicated to our mission of helping Middle America. We do well—as an organization and as individuals—by helping others. And, we think there’s nothing wrong with having some fun, too. We also believe that there’s no substitute for a strong work ethic, and that we will never go wrong by treating our customers like family.

You don’t need a high-powered sales background. Many of our top sales professionals join PMA USA from a variety of industries, including military service, teaching, hospitality, retail, farming, legal and financial services and many others.

This is an important and rewarding opportunity to help families safeguard their finances and lifestyles—all while being rewarded for your abilities and hard work. At PMA USA, our structured, proven approach will be with you at every turn. You’ll also get clear merit-based growth opportunities, and rewards programs limited only by your desire to succeed.


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    "PMA was the best decision I've ever made."
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    "It's the best opportunity I've ever had."