A Career With PMA USA
is a journey that offers you the freedom to go as far as you want to go.

Our teams are made up of diverse backgrounds, many of whom did not have previous sales or insurance experience. That experience is a plus, but not a requirement. Our comprehensive training program is designed to effortlessly navigate you through licensing procedures and set you up for sales success.


Graduating soon, or graduated recently? A sales career with an organization that supports your growth and success is the right place to start. Many of our agents came to us right out of college and we’ve helped grow them into independent business owners. And, as you take on responsibilities for a team, you take on extra income from overrides-commissions paid to you for what others sell.

Military Veterans

Members of the military community bring a strong work ethic and a sense of duty to their professional lives. We’re proud to recruit and hire military veterans and military family members. And our formula for success is simple: You train and work hard. You follow a structured, proven system. You perform as an individual within a disciplined and highly motivated team. You win. Sound like something you’ve done before?

Language Experts

We serve a large population of Spanish-speaking customers and welcome bi- or multi-lingual agents to our team. Take your passion for protecting your family and your desire to provide something tangible for future generations and turn that into a career can help others with the same vision.

Our Success Tools

Our goal is to get you selling quickly but we don’t just dump you in the field with a list of names and a pat on the head. We’ll give you the tools you need to hit the ground running.

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Success Stories

The best way to learn about the opportunity with PMA USA is to hear right from those who know it best. Hear what our agents have to say about their experiences.

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